Senior Software Engineer
Feb 2018 — Present
Software Engineer
Sep 2015 — Feb 2018
Frontend Deployment
Designed deployment strategy for React applications
– Built webpack plugin to exclude whitelisted dependencies from bundle, leading to a 50% reduction in static content size
– Built loader that includes bundle and shared dependencies on existing workflow pages
Virence Migration
Transitioned acquisition's frontend to React
– Introduced several teams of AngularJS developers to React
– Architected solutions to maintain compatibility with existing backend
Nursing Flowsheets
Built workflow for nurses to document patient assessments
– Spearheaded the development of the company's first React application
– Reduced load and render time of data grid by upwards of 90% through virtualization and an upgraded API
– Lowered user documentation time by ~60% by condensing workflows
Forge Design System
Built React component library for our internal design system
– Implemented generalized table and selection list components
– Pioneered process for decentralized teams to contribute to the library
Messaging Operations
Maintained message queuing system for contacting patients
– Sent over 2.5 million calls, emails, and SMS per day
– Integrated a messaging service provider to decrease cost per message from $0.10 to $0.03, saving ~$4 million per year
– After enhancing monitoring with Grafana, identified bottlenecks and increased message completion rate from 99.3% to 99.97%
Jun 2015 — Aug 2015
Modeled customer life cycles to recognize valuable clients
– Segmented the customer base through statistical analysis and machine learning using R
May 2014 — Aug 2014
Designed and implemented a .NET application to view project dependencies using C#
– Computed module integration complexity using design predicates and reflection